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Our Faith We Aired – a poem by Gerard Buckley (Kildorrery parish) in memory of World Youth Day

This poem was written by Gerard Buckley (Kildorrery parish) in memory of his pilgrimage to Krakow for World Youth Day:



With our hearts ajar,
We travelled far,
We increased our faith,
The Lord filled our plate,

Great friends we made,
Music was played,
Songs were sung,
Our doubts we hung,

We bowed our head,
Prayers were said,
The Lord listened,
Our eyes glistened,

Papa Francisco neared,
The crowds cheered,
Flags we hanged,
Drums we banged,

What a sight to be seen,
3 million on the green,
The world was joined,
The cross we signed,

Peace was declared,
Our faith we aired,
We made many thanks,
Our camping gear clanks,

Many miles we walked,
100s of languages talked,
Jesus we praised,
Our hearts we raised,

What can we say,
Shows they did play,
We took over the square,
With colour we layer,

There’s many a man who couldn’t be with us,
For they travelled in Car, plane and bus,
They moved on Air, Rail and Sea,
It’s sad for those who couldn’t be,

We are joined in prayer,
Jesus loves their sayer,
Everyone may tumble,
Our prayers help them stand up and rumble,

It’s with honour we saw the Pope,
His words gave the youth hope,
Don’t sit on your couch,
Stand up proud and don’t slouch!!!

Seize the moment is what he told,
Be bold,
It’s with positivity that go forward!
Heaven is what we go toward,

This trip to Kraców must end,
Our blessings we send,
Our tools may be rosary beads and bible,
But our loyalty is tribal,

Our sights to what’s ahead,
Our memories of Poland won’t be put to bed,
It’s Panama we aim,
And Lord’s beauty we proclaim!

What a week,
It made us smile cheek to cheek,
See ye in a few years,
Good luck, Thanks and Cheers,

By Gerard Buckley,
Kildorrery Parish
Co Cork


“What a sight to be seen, 3 million on the green” – Gerard Buckley (Kildorrery parish) at World Youth Day, Krakow, Poland, July 2016.

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