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Christmas Message from Bishop William Crean – December 2023


My friends,

There is much about these days that make us anxious and fearful about the future. The two major wars of the Ukraine and Gaza brings us experiences that we thought were history. The predictions about the impact of global warming and the growing influence of artificial intelligence only add to what seems a gloomy if not hopeless future.

These uncertainties make the world seem fragile and fragmented. We are in need of healing of mind and spirit. We need to reshape our priorities. We need to reorganise our lives into a more humane pattern. The stress that so many experience in work, education and family is pushing us to our limits.

Yet one fact is shared in this global reality which is the human heart and mind. We still can make and shape our future by the choices we make. Therein lies our hope. Into this world comes the Christ child with a message of light for a world enshrouded in the darkness of war and conflict, lies and deceit. We sadly have become a deeply polarized society.

This message of light is not just to the world in general but to us personally also – he brings light and hope to whatever darkness we meet in life, sickness of mind or body, strained relationships or economic hardship. The message is “come to me you who labour and I will give you rest”. He lifts the load and lightens the burden.

Open your hearts to God in reflection and prayer and you will find calm and peace.

May your welcome of the Child of Bethlehem bring you and yours the Joy and Peace you wish for over these special days.

Happy Christmas

+ Wm. Crean

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