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Blessed Carlo Acutis Project

Click HERE to go to the dedicated website for the Blessed Carlo Acutis Project for teens

Notice for parishes:

We are pleased to announce the Blessed Carlo Acutis project for teenagers in the diocese of Cloyne, a covid-times initiative. Blessed Carlo Acutis was an Italian boy who died from leukaemia in 2006 at the age of 15. Renowned for a strong devotion to the Eucharist, to the Rosary and to the saints, Carlo created a website dedicated to cataloguing each reported Eucharistic miracle in the world. He was beatified in 2020 and is considered a good example of holiness to the youth in the digital age.
The Blessed Carlo Project in the Diocese of Cloyne has the following features:
Open to boys and girls aged 13 to 18 years (or post-primary) in the Diocese of Cloyne.
The project will run for roughly 4 months from 8th Dec 2020 to Easter 2021.
Participants follow a schedule of daily prayer and undertake a Novena at beginning.
Study the life and spirituality of Blessed Carlo.
Following his catalogue of Eucharistic Miracles.
Weekly check-ins via zoom (with safeguarding conditions being fulfilled).
Weekly teaching videos.
Resource-Packs Provided. 20 euro registration fee.
Upon completion of the project, participants will receive a certificate from Bishop Crean.
Registration is now open and can be done through the Cloyne Diocese website

We ask you, Reverend Fathers, to promote this project in your parish either by:
• Word of mouth over telephone.
• Displaying poster in churches or in other locations (e.g. shops).
• Copying poster and putting it through letterbox of individual families.
• Announcing details through parish broadcasts.
• Posting details on parish website or social media pages or email groups.
• Questions may be put to or 0869972539

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