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Vocations to Priesthood

The following event (see poster below) is a “Come and See” vocations to priesthood event involving all of the dioceses of Munster. The contact telephone numbers on this particular poster are those of the Director of Vocations (and Assistant Director of Vocations) of the Diocese of Cloyne.


Since the foundation of the Church, Our Lord Jesus has been calling men to serve the Church as his priests. A priest of Jesus Christ is a shepherd of souls, a teacher of the Word of God and a minister of God’s grace through the sacraments. Priests, by the anointing of the Holy Spirit in the Sacrament of Holy Orders, “are signed with a special character and so are configured to Christ the priest in such a way that they are able to act in the person of Christ the head” (Catechism of the Catholic Church, 1563).

If you think that you may be called to the priesthood, and wish to know how you might respond to this call, please make contact with the Vocations Director for the Diocese of Cloyne (or the Assistant Vocations Director) at the telephone numbers, or email address, below. All communication will be held in strict confidence.

Vocations Director: Rev. Brian Boyle (Tel: 029 50061).
Assistant Vocations Director: Rev. Damien Lynch (Tel: 024 92456).


Vocations to Priesthood Promotional Video – Fr Damien Lynch speaks on Priesthood

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